Home inspections are a valuable tool that can be used to protect potential homeowners from unexpected home issues. To ensure that buyers have all the information they need, there are additional testing services they can request in addition to a standard home inspection. These tests include air quality testing, water quality testing, and even sewer scope inspections and wood-destroying insect inspections. Radon testing is also essential for home inspections to make sure that the new home is safe for residents.

Air Quality Testingman in hardhat tests air quality coming from HVAC vent on the floor

Air quality testing is another important step for home owners to take when assessing the air they breathe in their dwellings. Having air quality tested can help identify air pollutants that may be present, including airborne mold spores which could be harmful to one’s health. Home inspectors are capable of determining what kinds of particles are present in the air and measure their concentrations to form an accurate assessment of air quality. Knowing the exact composition of the air in your home can provide invaluable information for controlling or removing any hazardous material from the environment or putting control mechanisms in place to improve air quality.

Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer scope inspections for homes are also an important part of home inspections and home maintenance. They involve inspecting the condition of the lateral sewer line that runs from the home to the city sewer or septic tank to ensure everything is functioning properly. This process allows plumbing professionals to identify any problems before they cause expensive repairs and damage. The inspection also includes air quality testing, which helps detect dangerous gasses like methane or carbon monoxide that could be present in the air. Sewer scope inspections for homes should always be conducted by certified and trained inspectors who use the latest technology and practice to get accurate readings from throughout the system.

Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspections

Wood-destroying insect (WDI) inspections are an important part of any home ownership. They provide insight into the wood structures in a home and check for wood-destroying insects, like termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles. WDI inspections are utilized to visually assess the presence or absence of wood-destroying organisms that have been known to cause significant structural damage to homes. Through careful inspection of crawl spaces, attics, walls, and other areas that may be susceptible to wood-destroying pests, homeowners can gain peace of mind knowing the condition of their property has been thoroughly examined for potential problems.

Water Quality Testinghome inspections water in the test tube for chemical and microbiological analysis

Water quality testing is a crucial process for home inspections that assesses the home’s water to determine its suitability for human consumption and other use. This testing checks the home’s water source to detect physical or biological qualities such as chlorine, lead, and coliform bacteria levels. Although local water plants test and treat water; these protections can and do fail and do not consider water mains or water lines that service the home. The EPA recommends that a residential water supply be tested annually for bacteria, nitrates, chemicals, and other potential pollutants so that your water remains safe.

Radon Testing

Radon testing for homes is an important process for home inspections that helps detect radon, a type of radioactive gas, within the home’s environment. Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it impossible to detect without proper testing. As radon can cause serious damage to one’s health with long term and frequent exposure, radon testing will help identify when radon has reached unsafe levels in the home, so that appropriate mitigation methods can be initiated. By getting radon testing done on your home annually or when moving into a new residence, you are taking a proactive stance to ensure both the safety of yourself and those around you.

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