Included Warranties

We have been educating and protecting home buyers for over 35 years and including limited warranties with our general home inspection for nearly a decade. Although these policies are limited in nature and don’t replace a home warranty, they do provide added protection and a better experience after moving into the home.

What We Provide

  • Over $10,000 in warranty coverage
  • Included with every general home inspection at no additional charge
  • Filing a claim is quick and easy
90 Day Warranty Plus logo

Every inspection we perform comes with a 90 Day structural and mechanical warranty coverage that covers items that may malfunction after the inspection, and were confirmed to be in good working order by the inspector.

Example: The 5-year-old water heater is marked acceptable during the home inspection. After closing and moving in, there is no hot water in the house. This policy will help pay for up to $500 in repairs or replacement of the water heater. There is no deductible for this policy.

Platinum Roof Protection Plan logo

If the roof is in good condition and marked acceptable during the inspection, the Platinum Roof Protection Plan is another limited warranty that covers the necessary repairs for any new leak discovered for 5 years after the inspection date.

Example: During the home inspection, the roof was marked acceptable by the Inspector. After 2 years, a leak develops in the roof. This policy will pay for up to $3,000 to repair the source of the leak in the roof.*

Sewer Gard Plus logo

Underground sewer and water lines are covered for 90 days after the inspection from issues such as collapse and tree roots. This is extended to 12 months with an acceptable sewer scope inspection!

Example: After moving into the home, the clay tile sewer line collapses and causes a backup. SewerGard will pay up to $4,000 to help repair or replace the line.

Mold Safe logo

If mold is visibly present and was not noted during the home inspection, remediation is covered for up to $2,000.

Example: A garage or foundation wall was covered by the current owner’s belongings (boxes). After moving out, mold was found behind the hidden boxes. This policy helps pay for up to $2,000 in cleanup/remediation costs.*

Radon Protection Plan logo

For a period of 120 days after the home inspection and satisfactory radon test, Erie Inspection Service guarantees the radon levels to be under 4.0pCi/L.

Example: If another test is performed by a licensed professional within the time frame and the reading is 4.0pCi/L or higher, this plan will pay for up to $1,200 for mitigation costs.*

*Please refer to each individual policy for details

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