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Resource Center

Erie Inspection Service has been performing home inspection services since 1989, so we know what to look out for and how any issues can affect a home or property’s condition and value. Since there is a lot of information and details to understand with our home inspection services, we have created a resource center for some of this information. Feel free to browse these resources for your own understanding!

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Sample Reports

Many of our home inspection services and additional ancillary services come with their own detailed report that we will share with you. Each report will detail different things, depending on which home inspection services you will have. Click the link below for our Sample Reports page to find sample reports of all of our different inspection services. These reports will show you what information you can expect to find in your own report and how the information will be laid out.


Erie Inspection Service also has a collection of blogs that will also provide more information and details about our inspection services, how we perform inspections, what we may find in inspections, and even more information!

Since we offer a variety of services and inspections, our blogs will provide you with further details and educational information related to these issues and what you might be able to do to fix or address them. Our blog page will be updated often, so make sure to check back for updates, new information, and our latest blogs on inspection services!

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