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Saving Sellers Time & Money

While it can also be called a pre-sale home inspection, a pre-listing inspection is nearly identical to a traditional Toledo home inspection, but performed before the property or home is listed on the market.

Rethinking the Process

In a typical real estate transaction, Toledo homes are put on the market, offers are accepted and then home inspections are performed, often discovering deficiencies which lead to buyers and sellers negotiating twice (once on the initial offer and again for needed repairs). This process commonly costs the sellers time and money.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection in Toledo

A pre-listing inspection in Toledo can be vital for the seller of a home or property by identifying any unknown issues now, rather than during the sale. If caught early on, any issues or problems can be resolved before the home or property is listed on the market. If any of these problems are found during a sale, it can affect the price of the property. A seller will also have the option to disclose these identified issues and list the property accordingly.

For buyers, this inspection is great because it gives a potential buyer a good idea and a snapshot of the home or property before making an offer. For real estate agents, this inspection means less time negotiating and a better overall experience for clients!

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A pre-listing inspection gives sellers control by finding issues early and allowing them to decide whether to address them first or list the property as-is.


Any issues discovered early allows sellers to price homes accordingly or to find contractors to avoid surcharges or large concessions at closing.


Our inspection report gives your listing credibility and advantage over other properties without one, and can lead to more interested buyers and a faster sale.

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