Ohio Governor Mike DeWine appoints Erie Inspection Service President, Todd
Radloff, to the Ohio Home Inspector Board

As a leader in the industry, Todd will join the board based in Columbus to help create and uphold standards and ethics in the home inspection industry

Bellevue, Ohio, June 8th, 2021 – Today, Erie Inspection Service Inc. announced that President, Todd Radloff, has accepted and completed the appointment by Governor Mike DeWine as a Board Member of the Ohio Home Inspector Board. Todd’s term will begin immediately and end on April 5th, 2022.

The Ohio Home Inspector Board (OHIB) was formed as part of Senate Bill 255 and was signed into law on January 4th, 2019. The board exists within the Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing and will seek to regulate the licensure and performance of home inspectors. In addition to overseeing licensing, the board will adopt rules relating to standards, ethics, training, and experience of home inspectors in the state.

Along with the formation of the Ohio Home Inspector Board, Senate Bill 225 required licenses for
individuals wishing to perform home inspections in the state. Before this, there were no minimum
standards for home inspectors in Ohio.

Company Statement: “We’re happy and excited to see our President being recognized by Governor DeWine. This is a great honor to serve the State of Ohio and Todd will continue his work to protect and educate home buyers.

We believe Senate Bill 225 was much needed in the home inspection industry and was a step in the right
direction. The formation of a centralized board and uniform licensing will hopefully improve the quality
of home inspections in Ohio. We are happy to be a part of this process and will represent Ohio in the
finest way.”

About Erie Inspection: For more than 32 years, Erie Inspection Service has been educating and
protecting home buyers during one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime. Founded in 1989, the
company is based out of Bellevue, OH and performs home inspections throughout Northern Ohio and
Southeastern Michigan.
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