Indoor Air Quality Testing (IAQ)


When moving into your dream home, you want to be able to breathe comfortably.

There may be airborne hazards, which can results in either long-term or short-term health issues. Thankfully, through the Expert Indoor Air Quality Testing at Erie Inspection Service, you can gain a deeper understanding of any potetional issues, and how to reduce your risk of indoor health concern. 


What causes indoor air Issues?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites many examples of dangerous gases or pollutants that may be airborne in and around your property. From building materials to over use of cleaning products, the indoor air quality may become dangerous due to lack of ventilation.

This can range from Asbestos, NO2, Remaining Second Hand Tobbacco Smoke, Pesticides and much more than you are breathing in unaware.


How do we test IAQ?

At Erie Inspection Service, we take a minimum of three Air Samples. Two from inside of the home and one from the exterior.
This will detect any types of foreign air species and how much is present inside the home.

Finally, if there is any area of concern we take perform Swab Testing and send it to a Lab for thorough analysis.